Wedding bouquets and buttonholes

A selection of bouquets, buttonholes and corsages designed and created for past clients. 

As always, all work is entirely our own and all images are © Fiori by Lynne unless otherwise stated.

Vintage style hand tied bouquet in dusky and blush pinks

• Hand tied bridal bouquet in antique pinks using Memory Lane roses, pink freesias, anemones and mixed, vintage toned foliages for a February wedding.

© Fiori by Lynne

Summer Wedding Flowers in Pale Blues, Pink, Mint & Whites, Bridal Bouquet, Flower Girl Mini Buckets, Buttonhole and Corsage

  • Summery bridal bouquet of pale blue and mint hydrangeas, David Austin "Keira " roses, white bouvardia, freesias, stocks and tanacetum
  • Flower girl mini aluminium bucket designs with hydrangea, rose, freesia, stock and tanacetum
  •  Buttonhole of David Austin Keira rose, rosemary and tanacetum
  •  Corsage of Keira rose, freesia and bouvardia

Images © Fiori by Lynne

Bouquets and Buttonholes Autumn in the Forest Style

  • Autumnal bride and bridesmaids’  bouquets  forest style using coral roses, white dahlias, astrantia, pink astilbe,skimmia, hydrangea, mixed ferns and eucalyptus berry.
  • Buttonholes of Vuvuzela rose, skimmia, astilbe spires and mixed ferns
  • © Fiori by Lynne

    White and Silver Bride and Bridesmaids’ Bouquets and Buttonhole

    • Textured bouquets in all whites with a little touch of silver using white roses, freesias, lisianthus, stocks and muscari with a little eucalyptus.
    • Buttonhole of Akito rose with muscari and fine eucalyptus

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Classic Shower Bouquet, Bridesmaids Bouquet, Buttonhole & Corsage in Antique Blush Shades

    • Classic shower bouquet using antique blush roses and calla lilies with pink freesias, white bouvardia and ivy trails
    • Co-ordinating hand tied posy style bouquet for the bridesmaids
    • Buttonhole of blush calla lily with pink freesia.
    • Corsage of pink freesia, white lilac and ivy.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    White Roses and Massed Gypsophila for a Summer Wedding.

    • Bridal bouquet of white roses and massed gypsophila.
    • Bridesmaids’ bouquet and circlet of massed gypsophila

    Images © Jim Pascoe Photography

    English Roses and Scottish Thistles for a Navy and White Winter Wedding

    • Bridal Bouquet of white roses, spray roses, thistles, navy viburnum tinus berry and eucalyptus

    • Buttonhole of white rose, thistle, heather and eucalyptus

    • Flower Girl Posy of white rose, spray rose, thistle and eucalyptus.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Overarm Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid’s Posy in Purples, lilacs and ivory

    • Overarm Bridal Bouquet of ivory roses, purple lisianthus, lilac freesias, limonium and mixed foliages.
    • Bridesmaid’s Posy of ivory roses, purple lisianthus and limonium
    • Buttonhole of ivory rose, purple lisianthus bud, limonium and eucalyptu

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Summer Wedding Bouquets and Corsage in Soft Pinks and Lavenders

    • Bridal Bouquet of ivory roses & lavender lisianthus with stocks, astilbe, freesias and roses in mixed pinks and a little white asclepia and silver eucalyptus.
    • Co-ordinating smaller bridesmaids’s bouquet
    • Corsage of pink freesia and eucalyptus berry.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Autumnal Wedding with Cream Roses, Chocolate Berries, Birch Twig and Autumn Oak Leaf

    • Natural, hand tied bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets of cream roses with autumnal berries, birch twig and red oak leaf
    • Co-ordinating autumnal buttonhole of cream rose with chocolate berry and red oak leaf.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Elegant White and Blush Pink Bouquets and Buttonhole

    • Classic bridal bouquet of white & champagne roses,white bouvardia and lisianthus with blush spray roses.
    • Co-ordinating bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ posies
    • Buttonhole of blush spray rose

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Winter Wedding Bouquet and Buttonhole in Plum, Ivory, Silver and Green

    • Winter bouquet of Memory Lane roses, plum-ivory calla lily, silver skeleton leaf, scented paperwhites, skimmia and blue pine with a little diamante
    • Buttonholes of ivory-plum calla lily with silver skeleton leaf and green skimmia

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Blue Hydrangeas, Yellow Roses and “Daisies” for a Late Summer Wedding

    • Bridal bouquet of blue hydrangeas, yellow roses, white freesias, gypsophila and aster
    • Co-ordinating bridesmaids’ bouquet
    • Buttonhole of cream lisianthus and aster

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Classic Shower Bouquet and Bridesmaids’ Posies of Cymbidium Orchids

    • Elegant, shower bouquet of tumbling white cymbidium orchids and grasses for the bride
    • Co-ordinating posy style bouquet for an adult bridesmaid
    • Tiny posy of mini cymbidium orchids and tree fern for the flower girl

    © Fiori by Lynne

    English Garden Style Bouquet and Buttonhole in Buttermilk and White

    • Bouquet of Buttercup garden style roses, white sweet william, spray rose and spirea
    • Co-ordinating buttonhole of Buttercup rose, white sweet william and spirea

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Pink Peony and Rose Bride and Bridesmaids’ Bouquets for an Early Summer Wedding

    • Bouquets of pale pink peonies, mixed antique - dusky pink roses and looped grass with a little vintage toned foliage.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Yellow Sunflowers and Blue Agapanthus, Country Style Bouquet for a February Wedding

    • Bright and cheerful bridal bouquet of mini sunflowers, blue agapanthus, mini narcissus, craspedia and solidago
    • Buttonholes of craspedia, solidago and grasses

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Classic Bride and Bridesmaids’ Bouquets in Whites and Deep Antique Pinks

    • Timeless bridal bouquet of white hydrangea, bouvardia and Amnesia roses
    • Bridesmaids’ bouquets of white Akito roses with dusky pink gypsophila and lace wrap

    © Fiori by Lynne. Image of bride © Christian Michael

    Vintage Apricot Trailing Bouquet and Buttonhole

    • Trailing bouquet in vintage apricots using garden style roses, spray roses, stocks and lisianthus with ivy and asparagus fern trails.
    • Buttonhole of garden style rose and spray rose with vintage style foliages

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Spring Bouquets and Buttonholes in Mixed Purples and Whites

    • Spring Bouquets of mixed white and purple tulips, purple anemones and lilac freesias
    • Corsage of white tulips with lilac freesias. 

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Trailing Wrist Corsage in Deep Orange for an Autumn Wedding

    • Trailing wrist corsage of deep orange rose petals for the bride
    • Buttonhole of orange roses and grasses

    Images © David Clarke Photo

    Country Style Bouquet and Buttonholes in Creams and Dusty Pinks

    • Cream and dusky pink bouquet, country style using roses, freesia, lisianthus, stocks, rosemary and eucalyptus
    • Mixed, rustic style buttonholes using lisianthus,rosemary and eucalyptus

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Vintage Glamour Style Bouquet and Corsage in Whites and Silver

    • Vintage glamour style bridal bouquet using white roses, freesias and lisianthus with diamante sprays
    • Corsage of white rose, silver wire leaf and diamante sprays.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Classic Bouquets and Buttonholes in Vintage-Dusky Pinks

    • Timeless, shower bouquet using mixed roses and spray roses in dusky, vintage pink shades, white bouvardia, pink freesias and natural,trailing foliages
    • Co-ordinating hand tied posy for the bridesmaids
    • Buttonhole of Memory Lane rose, pink freesia and mixed foliages.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Late Summer Bouquets in Greens and Blush-Dusky Pinks

    • Bridal Bouquet of green hydrangeas with blush and vintage pink roses, lisianthus and hypericum berry
    • Flower girl posy of blush rose with pink lisianthus

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Contemporary White Lily Bouquets and Buttonholes in Whites

    • Contemporary bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets of white lilies and looped grass
    • Modern buttonhole of white freesia

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Winter Wedding Flowers in Creams and Burgundy

    • Wintery bridal bouquet of cream roses, burgundy skimmia, rosemary and myrtle
    • Floral circlet of cream spray rose, skimmia, rosemary and myrtle for the flower girl
    • Co-ordinating buttonhole and bridesmaid’s bouquet.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Dusky Purple, Ivory and Mint Bouquets

    • Bridal bouquet of ivory-purple calla lilies, Memory Lane and Avalanche roses with mint lisianthus
    • Bridesmaids’ bouquets of Memory Lane and Avalanche roses, alliums and mint lisianthus.
    Images © Chess Photography

    Country Style Mid Summer Bouquets and Buttonholes in Pinks, Blue and White

    • Bridal bouquet of pink rose, carnation and lisianthus, blue cornflowers, wax flower & eupatorium.
    • Corsage of blush lisianthus and wax flower
    • Groom buttonhole of rose and cornflower.
    • Mixed Buttonholes

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Late Spring Bouquets in Blush, Mint, Ivory and Navy

    • Bridal Bouquet of blush peonies, navy centred anemones, ornithogalum, pink roses and white stocks
    • Co-ordinating flower girl posy without the peonies
    • Wrist corsage of white lisianthus and ornithogalum

    © Fiori by Lynne. Image of bride © Big Bouquet

    Vintage Glamour Bouquet and  Buttonholes in Dusky Corals, Antique Pinks and Whites

    • Bridal bouquet of dusky coral garden roses, spray roses, white ranunculus and freesia
    • Buttonhole of ranunculus and olive
    • Corsage of freesia, eucalyptus berry and olive

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Classic Bridal Bouquet, Buttonhole and Corsage in White & Green

    • Bridal bouquet of white roses, freesias, gypsophila and rosemary with diamante sprays
    • Buttonhole of white rose, rosemary and gypsophila
    • Corsage of white freesia, gypsophila and rosemary.

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Early Spring Wedding in Ivories, Blush Pinks and Mint Green

    • Bridal bouquet of ivory roses, blush tulips, mint roses, anemones, scented paperwhites and astilbe.
    • Co-ordinating buttonhole of Dolomiti rose, paperwhites and vintage styled foliage
    • Wrist Corsage of blush lisianthus and white bouvardia
    • Corsage of pink freesia

    © Fiori by Lynne

    Mid Summer Wedding, Roses and Sweet Peas

    • Bridal Bouquet of white roses with pale pink sweet peas
    • Bridesmaid’s bouquet of mixed lilac, blush and mid pink sweet peas

    © Fiori by Lynne